Prices at checkout are in XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars)
Prices at checkout are in XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars)

Organizers are to set clear Cancellation and refund policies when creating an event on Any Customer seeking a refund should contact the Organizer and study the organizers refund policy. Customers, Seeking to cancel attendance to a free event should do so from their account or contact the Organizer directly.


ECS has no control or carries any liability for Organizers cancelling or rescheduling an event. Should an organizer cancel an event it is left to the Organizer’s discretion, if, how and when refunds would be issued. Should an event be rescheduled the Organizer has the discretion of selecting the new date and venue. Organizers carry full responsibility of contacting and informing their customers of the Rescheduling, cancellation and refunds associated with their event.


Fees That We Charge. Creating an account, listing an event and accessing the Services are free. However, we charge fees when you sell or buy paid tickets or registrations. These fees may vary based on individual agreements between ECS and certain Organizers. Organizers ultimately determine whether these fees will be passed along to Consumers and shown as “Fees” on the applicable event page or absorbed into the ticket or registration price and paid by the Organizer out of ticket and registration gross proceeds. The fees charged to Consumers may include certain other charges, including without limitation, facility fees, royalties, taxes, processing fees and fulfillment fees. Therefore, the fees paid by Consumers for an event are not necessarily the same as those charged by ECS to the applicable Organizer or the standard fees described on the Services to Organizers. In addition, certain fees are meant, on average, to defray certain costs incurred by ECS, but may in some cases include an element of profit and in some cases include an element of loss. ECS does not control (and thus cannot disclose) fees levied by your bank and/or credit card company, including fees for purchasing tickets and registrations in foreign currencies or from foreign persons. Be sure to check with your bank or credit card company prior to engaging in a transaction to understand all applicable fees, credit card surcharges and currency conversion rates.

Ticket Transfers. If you wish to transfer tickets to an event you have purchased on ECS, please contact the Organizer of the event. If you are unable to reach the Organizer, or the Organizer is unable to arrange a ticket transfer, please contact us.


Refunds. Because all transactions are between an Organizer and its respective attendees, ECS asks that all Consumers contact the applicable Organizer of their event with any refund requests. You can find help with getting a refund here.


Should the Organizer request that ECS process a refund to a customer this refund will be less Shall not be inclusive of the Bank fees and service fees charged by ECS. Further, there shall be an additional bank-processing fee of 4{c6790d8fa224df985afa9ad0a53e1fdf393750b1f5c9f5787fccf3e9fe9431d5} on refunds issued through ECS. Bank fees and service fees are non refundable.