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Save Our Studio


Support our Studio navigate these difficult times as a result of Covid-19

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    Save Our Studio

    Silver Shadow Resilience Arts Drive


    Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy is as a Cultural Organization that has contributed tremendously towards Culture and Dance in St. Lucia. It is in essence an after school program designed to create avenues for Saint Lucians in the performing arts since 1991 and prides itself on promoting arts and culture and developing a cadre of very talents dancers in Saint Lucia.


    Silver Shadow is currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary in the strangest of times, especially as one tries to defy the odds due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The arts and culture sector is one of the hardest hit economic and social sectors, literally forcing many creatives to live below the poverty line. Covid-19 pandemic has created tremendous financial instability in households, and across historically supportive agencies. The knock-on cumulative effective is that now Silver Shadow has found itself in a dire debt, hence therefore making it difficult to meet financial obligations and to execute our programs and our services. Like all the other creative sectors in St. Lucia that have suffered from the impact of the Covid19 virus, s Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy is on the brink of collapse.


    This situation is further exacerbated, by threats of eviction and Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy needs your assistance.  Should this happen, many children and young adults who come from varied and sometimes challenging backgrounds will no longer have the safe haven, home away from home, where their talent can find full expression.


    In light of these unusual circumstances and difficulties faced by the Dance Academy, we are hopeful by the Grace of God that we prevail and continue our mission, which is to create an avenue for Saint. Lucian Youth in the dance and performing Arts. These are the areas in which the academy is seeking your assistance in raising Funds. Proceeds derived are solely to be invested in the following:


    1. To meet outstanding payments to landlord and to Prevent Possible Eviction
    2. To rehabilitate our Studio Space
    3. To Replace the stolen items from last year’s burglary at the studio
    4. To support the Academy in its training programs so that the academy can improve and focus on holistic development of youth development in the arts.
    5. To host the 30th Anniversary Virtual Dance Production
    6. To save the dance academy so that it can continue to Serve Saint. Lucian Youth in the Arts for many more years to come.

    Any form of support given to the academy in recovering from the impacts of the Pandemic, would be greatly appreciated.  It is through the anticipation of generous donations, which the Dance Academy will continue to provide its life changing classes and experiences to our students while preserving and promoting the arts in St. Lucia. We are looking to raise at least $40,000 EC Dollars.

    Thanking you for your support no matter how great or small. It is truly appreciated.


    On behalf of Silver Shadows and the Youth of Saint Lucia,

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