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Voice Of The People


A calypso docuseries and online event designed to elevate the art of calypso in Saint Lucia, to move the culture forward and to archive our history.

Support your favourite calypsonian by making a direct contribution to them so they can continue to produce and promote the music that you love. It’s easy. Simply select the artiste you would like to make a contribution to and enter the amount in the space provided. You could leave a short message for the artiste if you wish. Click donate when you’re done.

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For a very long time, calypso music has only been enjoyed on stages during the carnival season. The borders have been closed and carnival events have been cancelled. The calypso monarch is one of those events. However, this does not mean that the music shouldn’t be produced and that the calypsonians don’t have a story to tell because… they always have a story to tell!

So Keen Media wants to elevate the art of calypso, to move the culture forward and to archive our history. We aim to assist the calypsonians, songwriters, arrangers, studios and other practitioners thrive amidst the pandemic and beyond while appreciating the living legends who have brought us so much joy through their songs and stage theatrics. We will achieve this by creating and digitizing content and putting it out into the world so the music can be enjoyed, and monetized, across the globe. By doing so, we will create a system for St. Lucian calypso music to blossom and coexist alongside its more popular offspring – Soca Music.

Voice of the People is a three-phase project.

Phase 1: Establish a calypso relief fund via GoFundMe to finance this project and future calypso endeavours.

Phase 2: We will assist calypsonians with getting their songs produced and/or recorded and will distribute the content to radio, streaming platforms and other online retail outlets.

Phase 3:

  • A docuseries with a competition element. It will comprise interviews with 5 participants along with live performances and will span 9 episodes, each approximately 30-45 minutes long. A small judging panel will be present during the finals show. Viewers will be able to vote for their favourite artistes and will also have the option to donate directly to them and to purchase their merchandise as mementos.
  • Live performance style music videos will be created for each participant and will exist in the digital domain.
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